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Not only is our humidor stocked with all the cigars you know and love, but our shelves are lined with a generous variety of domestic, imported, and specialty tobaccos and cigarettes. There's a little something for everyone!

Pipes and Premium Pipe Tobaccos


 Pipes by Carolina Briar

  • Leonessa

  • La Rocca

  • Missouri Meerchaum


Premium Pipe Tobaccos

  • Wilshire

  • Captain Spice

  • Red Cake

  • Proper English

  • Chartwell

  • Anniversary

  • Creme Brulee

  • Carolina Pride

  • Honey Maple

  • Sunset


Fine Tin Tobaccos from Larson, Altadis, Dunhill and McClelland as well!

Roll Your Own


Roll Your Own Tobaccos

  • Bugler

  • Stokkebye Amsterdam Shag

  • London Export

  • Turkish Export

  • Norwegian Shag

  • Stockholm Blend

  • Danish Export

  • American Spirit Original

  • American Spirit U.S. Grown

  • American Spirit Organic


Roll Your Own Accessories

  • JOB Cigarette Rolling Machine

  • Gambler Injector Machine

  • Top-O-Matic Injector Machine

  • Papers- Tops, JOB and RAW

  • Tubes- Gambler, Premier, Hot Rod and Shargio


Bulk Tobaccos

  • Gambler

  • OHM

  • Cherokee

  • Smoking G

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